Genoveva Fossas

Undergraduate Research Assistant @ UCF

About me

A senior Burnett Honors College member and Grace Hopper Conference student scholarship recipient pursuing a Bachelor’s in computer science at the University of Central Florida. Primary interests include software security, programming languages, and program analysis. I normally work on side channel mitigation under Dr. Paul Gazzillo as an undergraduate research assistant, but I am currently spending the summer as a remote intern at AWS on the AWS Service Quotas team. I fully anticipate to return to research with Dr. Gazzillo in the upcoming fall.

Recent Project(s)

Recently I undertook the project of rewriting my website in React with Gatsby and Bulma. You're looking at the product of that right now, in fact. :) My last website was a static website generated with Jekyll and a pre-made theme. This rewrite was a great learning experience, and let me explore html and css more than I had previously. For reference, I included a screenshot of my old website below. You can also see the source code of this website over on my GitHub.

Screenshot of old website.


Sofware Development Intern - Amazon Web Services (May 2020 - Present)
  • Working with the AWS Service Quotas team to make a widget that aims to bring the Service Quotas experience to other AWS Consoles.
Undergraduate Research Assistant - University of Central Florida (October 2019 - Present)
  • Working on modifications to LLVM’s register allocator to support a side-channel free architecture under Dr. Paul Gazzillo.
AFE Software Development Intern - Amazon Web Services (May 2019 - August 2019)
  • Built a baseline for an internal console that aimed to make on-boarding to and management of information on AWS Service Quotas easier for new and existing AWS services.
  • Console was built in JavaScript and React.js with an internal library of pre-styled React components and served in a serverless architecture.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

University of Central Florida, 2017-2021


Not included here is my familiarity with Linux and Git, as well as some prior experience with Java's Swing framework.

CVery Proficient90%JavaProficient75%JavaScriptFamiliar60%React.jsFamiliar60%C++Prior Experience30%TypeScriptPrior Experience25%

Courses (Fall 2020)

  • Senior Design 1
  • Statistics 1
  • Digital Forensics
  • Physics 2